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What Our Guests Have to Say 

The 21st Century Entrepreneurship podcast provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their experiences with a global audience. Guests have praised the show for its potential to help others learn from their stories.

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Upcoming Special: Beyond Conversations with Martin, Launching This May

Greetings, Entrepreneurs,

We have been on an incredible journey with the "21st Century Entrepreneurship" podcast, delivering engaging interviews every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am thrilled to announce a new segment to our podcast, beginning this May 2024 – Special Episodes titled "Beyond Conversations with Martin."

In these Special Episodes, I will revisit critical themes that have emerged over time from our conversations with various successful entrepreneurs. Instead of responding to individual interviews, these episodes will gather insights from multiple discussions to delve into specific entrepreneurial topics in a broader sense.

For instance, over the course of many interviews, different guests have touched upon the topic of scaling a startup. In a special episode, I might gather these insights, add my reflections, and suggest some simple exercises to help navigate the growth of a startup. Similarly, I will explore other recurring themes, such as building a resilient mindset, using insights drawn from multiple conversations.

Our podcast has resonated across 95 countries, standing tall among top global podcasts. This success is a shared journey, rich with our guests' diverse experiences and insights and driven by our shared curiosity.

The "Beyond Conversations with Martin" episodes invite you to explore these entrepreneurial themes further, helping you understand and apply the collective wisdom shared over the years.

Each special episode is designed to be short, insightful, and easy to digest, aimed at enhancing your entrepreneurial journey without demanding much of your time. It's about reflecting on the collective insights shared by our guests and taking steps toward applying them in our daily endeavours.

As we venture into this new segment, I am here with you as a host and a companion on your entrepreneurial journey.

Excited for the enriched explorations ahead,


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