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21st Century Entrepreneurship

We are looking for successful entrepreneurs in Japan to feature on our podcast show. If you have an inspiring story and would be interested in sharing it with our audience, please contact us. We have had great success with guests from the USA as well as Europe, Canada, and Australia, and we believe that Japanese entrepreneurs have just as much to offer.


Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Achieving success

Our show provides aspiring and current entrepreneurs the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, achieving success, as well as the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

True Stories

This is a great way to learn about entrepreneurship from successful entrepreneurs themselves. They discuss their own personal business journey - including their pitfalls and how they got out of them.

It's A Fun Process
To Learn

21st Century Entrepreneurship podcast is entertaining and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable. Martin is able to ask the right questions and get his guests to open up about their experiences, so you can gain valuable insights from the show and feel more confident in your entrepreneurial skills.

Practical Tips

Our goal is to provide our listeners with actionable tips that they can use to grow their businesses. Our podcast provides value to listeners by discussing practical aspects of various businesses, such as their business model (how they make money). This helps you get a better understanding of how businesses work and what goes into making them successful. We also discuss topics that can help you grow as a person, like having the right mindset, developing a daily routine, staying active, and eating well.


The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2022

The upcoming episodes are going to be thrilling.

RT Custer

CEO of Vortic Watch Company

The Vortic Watch Company is wrist watch manufacturing company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company's flagship product, the American Artisan Series, celebrates the rich history of manufacturing in the United States by featuring antique, American made pocket watch movements that are salvaged, restored, and rebuilt into Vortic's patented wrist watch cases.

Brant Cooper

Author | Disruptor | Innovator | Lean Innovation Expert

Brant Cooper is the New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and CEO of Moves the Needle. With over two decades of expertise helping companies bring innovative products to market, he blends agile, design thinking, and lean methodologies to ignite entrepreneurial action within large organizations. In his last book Disruption Proof, Brant teaches leaders how to ensure their organizations are resilient, agile, and dynamic enough to endure long-term, weathering the storms of disruption and uncertainty.

Soon Yu

New Book: Friction

Soon Yu is an international speaker and best-selling author on innovation and design who has been featured in the WSJ, Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and New York Times. Soon is also a regular Forbes contributor. 

"Embrace a dose of good friction for a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Too much effortless living can lead to a loss of balance make us yearn for more meaningful experiences. Good friction is the kind that adds value and makes life more interesting, while bad friction is the kind that just creates irritation and inconvenience. So let's add a bit of friction back into our lives and see what happens!"

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