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Achieving success

Our show provides aspiring and current entrepreneurs the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, achieving success, as well as the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

True Stories

This is a great way to learn about entrepreneurship from successful entrepreneurs themselves. They discuss their own personal business journey - including their pitfalls and how they got out of them.

It's A Fun Process
To Learn

21st Century Entrepreneurship podcast is entertaining and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable. Martin is able to ask the right questions and get his guests to open up about their experiences, so you can gain valuable insights from the show and feel more confident in your entrepreneurial skills.

Practical Tips

Our goal is to provide our listeners with actionable tips that they can use to grow their businesses. Our podcast provides value to listeners by discussing practical aspects of various businesses, such as their business model (how they make money). This helps you get a better understanding of how businesses work and what goes into making them successful. We also discuss topics that can help you grow as a person, like having the right mindset, developing a daily routine, staying active, and eating well.


The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2022

It's been an exciting journey so far, and there is much more to come! Tune in and experience the inspiring stories for yourself.

Brendon Baker

"Valuable change", author; 3x Bestselling

If you desire to become a leader of change and reach your true capacity—take action now! Brendon has led and guided over $10 Billion in transformative projects and programs across more types of change than would be reasonable to list out here. Just know that it includes everything from transformations to teddy bears. 

William McKnight

Author | Disruptor | Innovator |
#1 Global Influencer In Big Data

"Listen to your data and understand what it's trying to tell you to do better as a business."

Learn from William McKnight, an expert in data management and analytics, about how to make better decisions based on data. William is the esteemed President of McKnight Consulting Group, specialising in data analysis and strategy projects. He is also a renowned author, speaker, and educator.

Stefan Georgi

Top copywriter with💰 over $1BN in sales
✒️ Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator 

AI-powered tools like Jasper are great and effective for creating impactful copy faster.


They are not ready to replace the nuances of direct response, emotionally driven copy yet. It may take three to five years or even longer for these types of tools to be able to produce effective results. Aspiring copywriters should instead focus on honing their craft to be able to make a good income from copywriting.

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