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Deciphering the Language Matrix: Insights from Simon on the Translation Evolution

Updated: Feb 10

Guest: Simon Sobrero

Simon Sobrero discussing digital translation strategies

In today's interconnected global landscape, the role of language in bridging cultural divides has never been more crucial. Enter Simon Sobrero, an industry veteran with 22 years under his belt, specializing in Italian to English Technical and Scientific Language Services. With an ethos rooted in 'Deciphering Italian for the world,' Sobrero's journey offers fascinating insights into the evolving world of translation.

Navigating the Machine-Human Nexus

Simon states,

"The jumps and leaps we can make with machine translation is actually exponentially declining."

But what does this mean for an industry on the cusp of technological evolution? While the computational prowess of machines is undeniably advancing, they still stumble when it comes to the intricate tapestry of human language. By 2027, machines may rule the roost for essential content. However, the emotional nuances, cultural references, and intent behind languages require the human touch.

The Pillar of Trust in Translation

"The world is full of people competing and cheating," muses Sobrero, highlighting that trust and authenticity win the day despite the cut-throat competition. He adds, "... you've treated them nicely... they've recognized that you're honest with them. Of course, they're going to come back to you."

In the vast world of translation, clients are not just seeking word-for-word translation. They crave understanding, an authentic reflection of intent. Herein lies the essence of Sobrero's success. Rather than attempting every project, he champions integrity, directing clients to trusted colleagues for tasks beyond his specialization. This isn't just about business—it's about nurturing an authentic, trust-centric industry ecosystem.

Modern Technology: A Tool, Not a Replacement

The translation sector is no exception in an era where every industry is undergoing digital metamorphosis. Simon stresses the importance of clients grasping the nuances of the translation process. Contrary to popular belief, translating isn't just about converting words from Language A to B. The real magic lies in amalgamating cultural understanding, context appreciation, and linguistic expertise.

Simon elucidates, "...we can input this through the machine and find... how it can be used if it can be condensed... and make the product better." This revelation is a game-changer. With the right technology, translators can optimize content, ensuring the final product is accurate and more engaging.

Continuous Learning: The Language Professional's Odyssey

Sobrero's journey transcends translation. His narrative is intertwined with continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. Sobrero reminisces about his interactions with Arseni at Ihouse Design, a growth hacker who redefined his marketing approach. This mentorship wasn't just about strategies but about cultivating a growth mindset. It's about appreciating the small strides, enjoying the process, and understanding that every hurdle is an opportunity in disguise.

The Symphony of Tradition and Modernity

Hailing from a lineage spanning three generations of translators, Simon's narrative is a harmonious blend of time-honoured wisdom and modern innovation. Each generation brought unique skills, from diverse language combinations to different roles within the industry.

Sobrero, in his playful jest, recalls, "My mom always teases me about when I was a child...I used to spend longer finding a shorter sentence than it would have taken just to write it." This childhood quirk wonderfully encapsulates his current admiration for AI like Chat GPT. It underscores a core philosophy: "It's not about the answers; it's about the questions."

Concluding Reflections

The world of translation, as painted by Simon Sobrero, is a canvas of vibrant possibilities, challenges, and transformative opportunities. While technology promises efficiency, the human touch ensures authenticity and depth.

As language enthusiasts, clients, or merely curious readers, let's champion the spirit of continuous learning. Let's immerse ourselves in the wonder of languages, appreciating the dance of words and emotions.


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