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How can I align passion with business while impacting the community?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Guest: Ryan Zofay

Portrait of Ryan Zofay, a businessman, transformational coach, and motivational speaker.

In a recent podcast interview, Ryan Zofay, a successful businessman, transformational coach, and motivational speaker, unravelled the secrets behind his thriving enterprises. He shared his personal journey and the importance of merging one's passions with business.

The Innocence of Childhood Dreams

Every child dreams of becoming someone great – a doctor, a firefighter, a leader, a hero. Though pure and undiluted by the realities of the world, these dreams often fade as we grow older. With maturity, the logic-driven part of our brain kicks in, replacing our childhood fantasies with rationalization. We become encumbered by society's beliefs and our own self-doubt.

Ryan recalls, "As children, we think about all these aspirations...But as we get older, our dreams and desires are no longer in existence."

Through his transformative experiences, Ryan learned to bridge the gap between childhood dreams and adult achievements.

Finding Your Niche: A Journey of Recovery and Impact

Everyone's journey to success is different, but passion is a common element. Ryan's personal story of recovery led him to an industry that he was passionate about and made a significant impact in his life.

"I've been sober 21 years... I turned my passion into a business. Every single day I don't come into work thinking it's work. I come in knowing I'm making a difference."

But finding one's niche goes beyond just individual fulfilment. Ryan emphasizes the bigger picture,

"I know there are patients in my beds today that will never have to use drugs and alcohol again. And their families will never have to experience their loved one using ever again."

Philanthropy: The Heart of Success

According to Ryan, giving back is a crucial component of leadership and entrepreneurship. This isn't just about financial success but about making a tangible difference in the world. His involvement with organizations like Hospitality Helping Hands and his non-profit We Level Up Academy demonstrate his commitment to offering support where it's most needed.

"Philanthropic work is essential... if I'm over here having a thriving, successful life and I'm not willing to give back, then I would be doing a disservice." Ryan believes his success is linked to his philanthropic endeavors, reinforcing the idea that giving and achieving can go hand-in-hand.

The Importance of Rituals and Habits

For ongoing success, Ryan emphasizes the importance of establishing daily habits. He highlights the dedication required to excel in any field by equating himself to a professional athlete. His daily routine, including physical exercise, journaling, meditation, and gratitude practices, keeps him grounded and focused.

"Your focus in life will only go as far as your physiology will allow you to," he says, underscoring the deep connection between physical health and mental well-being.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

With clear objectives in mind, Ryan has high hopes for the We Level Up Treatment Center.

"Five years from today, we Level Up Treatment Center will be impacting 30,000 lives a year."

His aspirations reflect his business acumen and his unwavering dedication to creating meaningful change.

In Conclusion

Ryan Zofay's journey is a testament to the power of blending passion with purpose. It's not just about building a successful enterprise; it's about creating a legacy that impacts thousands of lives. For budding entrepreneurs, his story serves as a beacon – demonstrating that one can achieve their wildest dreams with dedication, the right mindset, and a touch of altruism.


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