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Empowering US Minorities: How Do AI Financial Apps Make a Difference?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Guest #224: Blesson Abraham

Portrait of Blesson Abraham, CEO of Cambio, smiling at the camera with a confident and approachable expression.

In a thought-provoking podcast episode, Blesson Abraham, CEO at Cambio (YC S22), a two-time founder/CEO with a successful exit, delved into the transformative potential of AI-driven financial apps, especially for minority communities in the United States. Abraham’s insightful journey with Cambio, an app designed to help people fix their credit scores, illuminates the intersection of technology and social empowerment.

Innovative Financial Solutions for the Underserved

The episode started with Abraham highlighting a significant issue: the high incidence of poor credit scores among minority populations in the U.S.

"73% of our customers belong to minority classes," Blesson shared.

This alarming statistic set the stage for Cambio—an AI-driven app aiming not just to aid in improving credit scores but to offer a comprehensive support system for financial literacy.

Ensuring Security and Privacy in AI Solutions

When it comes to handling sensitive information, Abraham's approach was cautious yet innovative. Initially collaborating with OpenAI, they ensured no personal data was compromised. As they grew confident in AI's potential, they ventured into creating their private Language Learning Model (LLM), finely tuned with consumer data but securely kept within their own environment. Abraham's strategy underscores the importance of balancing advanced technology with rigorous privacy and security.

The Social Impact of Financial Empowerment

Abraham passionately spoke about Cambio’s deeper mission: “They just want a hand," he said, pointing out the lack of proper financial education in the U.S. and the ease of making credit mistakes. Cambio steps in as more than a financial advisor; it's a compassionate guide through the complexities of credit and savings, especially for those often left out of the system.

Transforming Lives One Step at a Time

Abraham shared a moving success story to bring this impact to life. A member, who declared bankruptcy twice before 40, joined Cambio with a credit score of around 610. Through disciplined steps and guided by the app, they raised it to 710 within months. Even more impressively, they went from zero savings to building a significant amount. Abraham highlighted,

“Little wins lead to big rewards,”

encapsulating the philosophy of incremental progress, whether in personal finance or entrepreneurial ventures.

Empowering Through Technology and Compassion

In conclusion, Blesson Abraham’s journey with Cambio illustrates how AI-driven apps can do more than streamline financial processes; they can be instruments of change and hope. The key takeaways from this episode are the potential of technology to empower, the necessity of secure and private AI solutions, and the profound social impact of financial education and support. Abraham's work with Cambio is not just about credit scores; it's about offering a hand up, fostering hope, and igniting a journey towards financial stability and growth, one small step at a time.


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