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How Can Better Sleep Transform Your Life?

Updated: Jun 10

Guest: Alex Neist

Portrait of Alex Neist, entrepreneur and former athlete, discussing his journey and sleep improvement business during the podcast interview.

In a recent podcast episode, Alex Neist, a successful entrepreneur and former professional athlete, shared his journey of personal and professional upheaval, leading to a surprising discovery about the power of sleep. Through his story, we explore the profound impact that improving sleep quality can have on one’s health, wealth, and relationships.

From Success to Setback: A Personal Journey

Alex's narrative begins at a high point—running a seven-figure business, enjoying family life, and indulging in the perks of success. However, within a few short years, he faced dramatic personal and professional losses, hitting rock bottom. It was during this period that he realized the need to reassess his life choices, especially his health habits.

"I had hit a rock bottom point in my life," Alex recalls, "and it was actually at that moment of hitting rock bottom that I started to self-reflect... and one of the first things I started to look at was my sleep."

The Revelation of Mouth Taping

Alex's exploration led him to a transformative sleep solution: mouth taping. Inspired by James Nestor's book, "Breath", Alex learned about the benefits of nasal breathing and its impact on sleep quality. He describes his epiphany, "I stumbled across an article... and it was in this book, it was an excerpt from the book that I read, and he talks about this experiment where they plugged their nose... And then after those ten days, they unplugged their nose, they mouth taped to force nasal breathing. And within one day, everything went away."

Motivated by his own positive experience, Alex founded a company focused on products that support better sleep through mouth taping. The core idea was simple yet impactful, addressing the widespread issue of mouth breathing during sleep.

Transforming Lives Through Sleep Improvement

The business concept quickly turned into a success story, with his company's revenue skyrocketing from $900,000 in its first year to $14 million in the second. Alex attributes this growth not just to the effectiveness of the product but also to the strong brand and community he built around it. He emphasizes the importance of a relatable brand: "The magic behind it all is creating this brand. It's creating an amazing brand that people can feel like they're a part of, but also has a coolness to it."

Sleep as a Foundation for Daily Success

Alex passionately advocates for the role of quality sleep in enhancing daily life.

He explains, "It's about recovery, right? It's how can you recover so that when you wake up the next day, you actually have energy to be able to put into really what I call the three motivations in life, right? You have your health... your wealth... and your relationships."

Good sleep acts as a catalyst, enabling individuals to perform better in every aspect of life, from personal health to professional endeavors and family interactions.

Key Takeaways and Moving Forward

Alex’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the often-underestimated impact of sleep on overall life quality. His journey from a high-flying entrepreneur to a profound personal low, and back to success through the lens of health and wellness, provides valuable lessons on the importance of self-care and innovation.

For anyone struggling with sleep or looking for ways to improve their daily energy and focus, considering the quality of your sleep might be the first step towards significant life improvements. Alex's experience underscores a simple truth: sometimes, the key to unlocking our fullest potential is found in the quietest hours of the night.

Listeners inspired by Alex's story might consider evaluating their own sleep habits and exploring solutions like mouth taping to enhance sleep quality and, by extension, life quality. As Alex's experience shows, a small change in routine can lead to monumental shifts in all areas of life.


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