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How Can Personal Stories Transform Your Sales Performance?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Guest #221: Tom Jackobs

Portrait of guest, Tom Jacobs, confidently smiling, showcasing his expertise in public speaking and storytelling.

In the realm of public speaking, many strive to connect with their audiences, but few master the art as Tom Jackobs has. Recollecting his initial experiences, Tom candidly admits on his LinkedIn, "I remember the first time I was asked to 'sell from the stage'... It was a disaster. I crashed and burned in front of 60 great prospects, I sold 0." However, the tides turned for him when he employed his Theatre degree and performance expertise into the mix. Today, Tom is not just a sales coach but a storyteller, helping business owners, coaches, and authors amplify their revenues using their personal tales.

The Power of Daily Routines

While many swear by the adage "early bird catches the worm", Tom's approach is a tad different. Living in Asia and working with clients from the US and the UK, his day aligns more with US timings. Starting his day at 09:00 might seem late to some, but it works wonders for him.

"I wake up at 09:00 and the first thing I do is put on my shoes and shorts and t-shirt and I go to the gym...that gives me the energy for the day," Tom explains.

His morning gym routine isn’t just about physical exercise; it's also a time when he catches up on emails, listens to podcasts, and audiobooks.

The Hero’s Journey in Your Story

Believe it or not, we all have captivating stories to share. Tom's approach to storytelling is grounded in the idea that even seemingly mundane tales can be transformative with the right framework.

"The very first thing that I have everybody do is take an inventory of their stories... then we go through a whole process," Tom reveals.

He uses the famous 'Hero's Journey' as a template, ensuring everyone has access to his valuable resource on storybook.

Pitching Without the Pressure

The word 'pitch' often conjures images of aggressive sales tactics. But Tom's method focuses on a gentler approach, one that doesn't even feel like a pitch.

"If you've done your work at the first part of the presentation, people should just be automatically wanting to know, what's the next step?... it doesn't even really sound like a pitch in the end."

Inspiring Success Story: Fatima’s Triumph

Fatima's journey from a near-forced marriage in Africa to becoming an Olympic silver medalist beautifully encapsulates the power of authentic storytelling. Tom shares, "So we created this roller coaster ride for their audience... her business had actually doubled from the primary marketing of getting out and talking to people."

Conclusion & Takeaways

In the realm of sales and presentations, authenticity reigns supreme. Whether it's adhering to a routine that best suits your lifestyle or sharing your unique journey, the key is to connect with your audience genuinely. As showcased by Tom's work with clients like Fatima, genuine storytelling not only captivates but also drives results.

Your story, too, deserves to be heard. Learn to craft it well, and the world will listen.


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