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How can I ensure real value in the token revolution?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Guest: Eric McDonald

In the buzzing world of crypto, where hype often precedes substance, the emergence of the Utility Token Lion, a unique platform-driven asset, is a testament to innovation. With crypto tokens rapidly becoming the new frontier of investment, discerning genuine value from empty noise can be challenging. Enter Eric, a visionary entrepreneur who spearheads a unique auto-trading platform and emphasizes the essence of personal growth and social responsibility in achieving success. We dove deep into a candid conversation with him, teasing out invaluable insights that could redefine how you view crypto, entrepreneurship, and life.

Understanding the Utility Token

"Is there anything like minimum valuable product in token industry? No, there's really not. There's a lot of tokens that are truly built on hype and that's it."

The above assertion by Eric sets the stage for understanding the ethos behind Utility Token Lion. Unlike typical tokens that float aimlessly, seeking validation from external exchanges, Eric’s creation finds its core utility and value anchored within its native platform.

"The utility Token Lion is creating more value, but that value is really on our platform... you can't buy or sell or trade our line token on other exchanges. Why? It's a utility token designed for our platform."

So, what makes this platform unique?

The Auto-Trading Phenomenon

Trading crypto, with its 24/7 market movements, is a game where the early bird might not necessarily get the worm. Sleep, after all, is a necessity. The solution? Automation is via sophisticated trading bots that seize every lucrative opportunity.

"It's an auto trading platform designed around trying to capitalize on the volatility so the market can move 2% in a single day... We use bots behind the scene to make all those trades for you."

Moreover, Eric introduces an element of collective intelligence. He speaks of 'publishers' - savvy traders who, without revealing their strategies, showcase their performance metrics. Subscribers can then choose to adopt these strategies, automating their investments based on proven expertise.

"So that when the system says buy, it buys. And when it says sell, you sell. And so it's really simple for that average person who has no idea what they're doing."

While the technicalities of the crypto world are riveting, true success, according to Eric, transcends beyond financial acumen.

The Heartbeat of Success: Personal Development & Social Responsibility

Eric's journey through the entrepreneurial landscape has been an evolution. His perspective on success has matured from clocking 80-90 hours a week at the cost of personal relationships to achieving more in optimized, focused 6-hour workdays.

"I'm of the belief, looking in hindsight, that working 70, 80, 90 hours and losing family and friends isn't the winning strategy."

His commitment isn't limited to his immediate circle. From adopting children from China to building clinics for underprivileged kids and single mothers in Haiti, to local projects in South Dakota, Eric embodies social responsibility.

"Yes, I believe that we all have a responsibility to invest back into our society in the most tangible ways possible."

Conclusion: The Bigger Picture

In a world that's rapidly tilting towards digitization and crypto-revolution, Eric stands out for his innovative Utility Token Lion and his profound understanding of what success truly means. It's not about the hours you put in but the value you create – for investors, society, and future generations.


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