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Unlocking the Secrets to Trademark Success: From One-Person Start to Global Reach

Guest: Anita Mar

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, understanding the nuances of trademarks has become increasingly paramount. It's a domain that promises both challenges and rewards in equal measure. Our in-depth discussion with Anita Mar, the dynamic founder of Trademark Angel, an international trademark registration firm, shed light on her riveting journey in the industry.

Embarking on a New Adventure

"It's been six years since I embarked on this journey," shares Anita Mar, as she traces back the origin of Trademark Angel. What started as a solo venture has now transformed into a thriving enterprise with 15 dedicated freelancers "from various corners of the globe, from Morocco to the Philippines.

Understanding the Trademark Terrain

While many believe the trademark market might reach saturation, Analysts suggest otherwise. With a boom in e-commerce and an influx of digital nomads and remote workers, the importance of brand protection is at an all-time high. "The de" and for trademarks is growing, but so is the number of professionals," Anita points out, signalling a robust and competitive market.

Mastering the Clock

For Anita, managing time is as critical as managing her enterprise. She stresses, "My goal is to work not more than 30 hours a week," and swears by tools like Hubstaff to keep her on track. It's not just about squeezing more hours into the day; it's about making each hour count.

The Value of Every Client

Anita's " anita'sit'sIt's "recounting an engagement that began on Fiverr is particularly captivating. What started as a modest $100 gig became a robust professional relationship. "It started with a $100 gig, and now we've filed about 20 or 25 trademarks for them," she recalls. This story underscores Anita's belief: Never underestimate the potential of any client, irrespective of the size of their initial investment.

Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth

One of the pillars of Trademark Angel's success has been referrals. Anita shares her philosophy, "If you're not greedy, you reward your clients, you will get referrals." It's a simple yet profound testament to the age-old adage – good work speaks for itself.

Connecting Beyond Contracts

For Anita Mar, business isn't just about transactions; it's about building meaningful connections. A chat about goats, or the shared love for cats, often bridges the professional gap, underscoring the essence of her approach.

A Peek into Trademark Angel's Offerings

Anita invites those interested in trademarks to take advantage of Trademark Angel's free trademark search. She emphasises compatibility and notes, "You have to enjoy working with a particular company." Their rigorous client onboarding process ensures the relationship is built on trust and mutual respect.

Wrapping Up

Anita Mar's journey with Trademark Angel exemplifies the balance of delivering unparalleled professional services while fostering genuine human connections. As brands navigate the digital age's complex waters, trademarks' role in safeguarding brand identity remains crucial.


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