Summer Collage

You know the feeling. You’re finally doing something that feels right, that makes sense to you. It’s a great feeling when it happens and we want to help spread the joy! That’s why we made this shirt (flip-flops?) for people who have found their thing. This is our way of saying “Hey man, I see what you are doing there. Well done! Keep up the good work!” We hope this inspires others to find their own things too and do them with passion and gusto. So go ahead, put on your new 21CE shirt (flip-flops?) and tell everyone about your thing…and don’t forget to smile because life is... well you know.

Do you feel like you just found your award-winning thing?

Imagine you're at your favourite place, just yours, where you feel secure and happy. You can sense the sensations on your skin as they bring a smile to your face. The smells that trigger good emotions fill up the air around you; this is home sweet home for sure! Look closer-- see what makes life worth living—feel it all wash over yourself with waves of love and joy from every side? Life doesn't get much better than this!