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Can Discipline and Empathy Transform Addiction?

Guest #222: Matt Seefeld

Today's world is brimming with success stories, but the journey behind the glitz and glamour often remains obscured. Matt Seefeld, a former All-American athlete, has not just been a bystander in this journey but has also played a pivotal role in transforming his life and the lives of many others. With a background in healthcare consulting and technology, coupled with a profound understanding of discipline, obsession, and recovery, Matt unravels the recipe for success.

The Core of Discipline

As an all-American athlete, discipline was the cornerstone of Matt's foundation. Years have passed since then, but his approach to discipline remains unchanged. It's easy to confuse motivation with discipline. One might be motivated to run a marathon, but it's the discipline that dictates the dietary habits, consistent training, stretching, and even cold water therapy.

As Matt puts it, "I know a lot of motivated people that don’t have the discipline to do what they say they want to do."

For him, discipline stands out as the driving force behind every endeavor. Whether it's mentoring young entrepreneurs or dedicating time to exercise and maintain mental clarity, discipline is non-negotiable.

The Thin Line Between Obsession and Addiction

For many, the difference between obsession and addiction is blurry. However, as Matt elucidates,

"When obsession becomes normal, that's addiction."

Drawing from personal experiences, Matt shares his battle with alcoholism, ultimately achieving sobriety. But the journey wasn't solitary. Recognizing the lack of platforms for those battling addiction, Matt initiated a game-changing endeavor – My Life Link. It's a global community that provides a haven for those struggling with addiction, be it behavioral, emotional, or physical. His insight? Obsession, if channeled positively, can lead to revolutionary outcomes.

From Recovery to Resilience

Matt's engagement with the addiction community has shed light on the potent interplay between physical and mental well-being. From maladaptive behaviors to the pitfalls of seeking instant gratification, the modern era is fraught with challenges. And while statistics might paint a grim picture, Matt emphasizes the transformative potential embedded within recovery. As he rightly points out, it's not merely about achieving sobriety but embracing the broader horizon of building an extraordinary life.

The Entrepreneurial Edge

The entrepreneurial world is not devoid of challenges. Drawing parallels between sports, addiction, and the entrepreneurial journey, Matt shares insights into the essential elements of success. Often, it's not about ideating something revolutionary but identifying existing system breakdowns and evolving them. It's the obsession with an idea, perseverance during hard times, and an unwavering belief in oneself that distinguishes successful entrepreneurs. As Matt illustrates with the example of the GoPro founder, failure isn't the endpoint; it's a stepping stone towards success.

Wrapping Up

Matt Seefeld's journey encapsulates the essence of resilience, discipline, and transformative power. Whether mentoring young entrepreneurs or fueling his passion projects, Matt's life resonates with lessons for all. For those seeking to connect with him, delve deeper into healthcare strategies, or be a part of the sober community, Matt welcomes everyone with open arms on platforms like LinkedIn and the My Life Link app.

In an era characterized by fleeting successes and momentary highs, Matt Seefeld's story serves as a beacon, illuminating the path of genuine accomplishment and profound impact.


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