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Can Kindness Drive Business Success?

Guest: Christy Pretzinger

Christy Pretzinger smiling confidently, embodying her role as CEO of WG Content during a podcast interview.

In an inspiring episode of the podcast, Christy Pretzinger, CEO of WG Content, shares her journey of integrating core human values into the fabric of a business environment. With over two decades at the helm of her organization, Christy delves into how nurturing a culture of kindness, curiosity, and empowerment isn't just ethically rewarding—it's also a robust strategy for corporate success.

From Freelance Writer to Visionary CEO

Christy's career began with a bold ultimatum to her accountant: build a business grounded in kindness or return to freelance writing. This foundational decision set the tone for what would become WG Content, an organization that thrives on creating meaningful human connections.

"One of the things that I have learned over time is that people really need to know that they matter," Christy reflects, highlighting the essence of her business philosophy.

Culture as a Cornerstone

Fast forward to five years ago, a pivotal moment came when consultants surveyed WG Content employees to pinpoint the core of the business. The surprising discovery? It was the company culture. This revelation was a significant affirmation of Christy's early vision. She explains, "It kind of took me back to that first comment that I had said so many years earlier... I started thinking about how I look at my business through the lens of what I call a cultural balance sheet."

Christy is also set to share her insights more broadly in her upcoming book, Your Cultural Balance Sheet, which discusses the profound impact of culture on a company's bottom line.

Implementing Core Values

Christy emphasizes that the real test of an organization's values is how they are brought to life. At WG Content, values are not just words on a wall but are actively integrated into company processes. For example, during their monthly all-hands meetings, employees participate in nominating colleagues who exemplify a chosen value, such as kindness. This practice not only fosters recognition but also reinforces the values in everyday interactions. "It allows the person nominating someone to demonstrate kindness," Christy states, highlighting the dual benefit of this approach.

The 'You Matter' Initiative

Another transformative initiative under Christy's leadership is the 'You Matter' total compensation sheet. Unlike traditional comp sheets that merely outline the monetary value of employment, WG Content's version adds a personal touch, reaffirming each employee's value to the company.

"We appreciate you putting your talents and skills and abilities to work every day for this organization," reads the sheet, a message that resonates deeply with the staff, particularly long-term employees.

Fostering Self-Awareness and Empathy

Developing self-awareness is another key to effective leadership that Christy champions. Years ago, she adopted a daily meditation practice and began exploring personal development tools like the Enneagram to better understand both her own motivations and those of her employees. This understanding facilitates what Christy calls "radical empathy," which is crucial in managing a diverse team effectively.

Christy also introduced the 'Best of Me' tool in her company, where employees share what conditions bring out their best or worst. This tool encourages open dialogue and helps managers tailor their support to individual needs, thereby building trust and empathy within the team.

Expanding Horizons

With roots in healthcare content creation, WG Content is branching out, driven by the ethos of building relationships "one word at a time." This mission transcends industries, enabling the company to connect deeply with clients and colleagues alike. Christy's approach—meeting clients where they are and tailoring solutions to their unique challenges—sets WG Content apart in a competitive market.

Conclusion: Cultivating a Thriving Workplace

Christy Pretzinger's journey from a freelancer with a vision to a CEO leading a culture-driven organization offers powerful insights into the transformative impact of empathy, kindness, and empowerment in business. For leaders looking to foster a thriving work environment, Christy's approach provides a compelling blueprint: prioritize human connections and watch as your business grows not just economically, but holistically.

For more insights into creating a vibrant company culture and enhancing your content strategy, visit WG Content and explore their resources, including the 2024 State of Content Planning.

Christy's story is a testament to the idea that in business, sometimes, the best way to succeed is simply by caring genuinely about the people around you.


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