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Can ESS 60 Extend Your Life?

Guest: Christopher Burres

Chris Burris, smiling, holding a model of the ESS 60 molecule, against a backdrop of scientific equipment

In a fascinating exploration of science's frontiers, Chris Burris, Chief Scientist at MyVitalC, shares insights on a groundbreaking molecule with the potential to revolutionize our understanding of longevity. Discovered at Rice University in 1985, this Nobel Prize-associated molecule, ESS 60, has since stirred the scientific and entrepreneurial worlds with its implications for extending life.

The Discovery of a Lifetime

The journey begins with a molecule so small it's hard to imagine—composed of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a soccer ball. This molecule, initially investigated for its industrial applications, ranging from inks to photocells, unexpectedly revealed properties that could impact human longevity. Burris humorously acknowledges the molecule's industrial roots, saying, "You're probably thinking, Chris, you said I could live 90% longer. Ink, battery, tires, photocells, doesn't make me think we're talking about the same subject."

A Turn for the Unexpected

The story takes an intriguing turn when this molecule, assumed to be toxic due to its benzene-like structure, was found to extend the lifespan of Wistar rats by 90% in a controlled study. This result, described by Burris as "the single longest longevity experimental result in history," shifted his and his business partner's focus from carbon nanomaterial scientists to pioneers in the supplement industry.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

Navigating the complex transition from supplying research institutions to entering the supplement market, Burris highlights the cautious approach they took, emphasizing safety and regulatory compliance. He shares, "We actually added 'not for human consumption' to our labeling," reflecting their initial reservations about promoting ESS 60 for personal use.

Mechanisms of Action: Oxidation and Inflammation

Burris delves into the scientific underpinnings of ESS 60's effects, focusing on its antioxidant properties and its role in reducing inflammation—two key factors in the aging process. The molecule's potential to buffer oxidative stress and support mitochondrial function presents a compelling case for its health benefits.

Testimonials and Biohacking

Drawing from a wealth of anecdotal evidence, Burris recounts stories from biohackers and customers who've experienced significant health improvements after incorporating ESS 60 into their routines. From enhanced mental focus to improved physical well-being, these testimonials underscore the molecule's broad impact.

The Path Forward

As MyVitalC continues to explore ESS 60's potential, Burris emphasizes the need for further research to fully understand and validate its effects on human longevity. He invites listeners to consider the possibilities, saying:

"We have a lot more testing to do to kind of nail that in for humans. But there's good reason to believe the applicability."

Key Takeaways:

  • ESS 60, a molecule discovered over three decades ago, has emerged as a potential key to extending life.

  • Initial research on Wistar rats showed a 90% increase in lifespan, sparking interest in its applications for human health.

  • The transition from industrial applications to dietary supplements required careful navigation of safety, regulatory, and ethical considerations.

  • Anecdotal evidence from users supports the molecule's beneficial effects on health and well-being, though more research is needed to confirm these findings.

For those intrigued by the prospect of living a longer, healthier life, ESS 60 presents an exciting area of exploration. As science continues to unravel the mysteries of longevity, staying informed and open to new discoveries is crucial.

Chris Burris's story, from carbon nanomaterial scientist to longevity expert, offers a compelling glimpse into the potential future of health and wellness. As we stand on the brink of potentially life-extending breakthroughs, the importance of rigorous scientific inquiry and ethical entrepreneurship has never been clearer.


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