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Can You Invest in Music Like You Do Stocks?

Updated: May 17

Guest: Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen, CEO of JKBX, smiling during the interview, discussing innovative music investment opportunities.

The Future of Music Investment: A Conversation with Scott Cohen

Imagine a world where you can invest in your favorite songs just as easily as you invest in Apple or Microsoft. This might sound like a distant dream, but it's becoming a reality thanks to JKBX, a platform co-founded by entrepreneur Scott Cohen. In a recent podcast interview, Cohen shared his journey, vision, and the unique business model of JKBX, which aims to revolutionize the music and finance industries. Here's how Scott Cohen's innovative approach is set to transform music into a lucrative investment opportunity for everyone.

From Entrepreneurial Challenges to Transformational Success

Scott Cohen's journey as an entrepreneur has been anything but easy. He acknowledges the tough road he's traveled, saying, "It is not easy being an entrepreneur, but I couldn't imagine doing it any other way." His candid reflections on the entrepreneurial spirit reveal a crucial insight: traditional business advice doesn't always fit unconventional ventures.

Breaking the Mold: Ditching Business Plans

One of the most striking points Cohen made during the interview is his unconventional advice to new entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular belief, he suggests avoiding rigid business plans and financial models at the start. "The last thing you want is a business plan and a financial model," Cohen asserts. He believes that these tools can lock entrepreneurs into a fixed path, preventing them from adapting and evolving as they learn more about their business.

"It's better to stay an idealist and a believer and go, I'm just going to start a business and run with it."

JKBX: Bridging the Gap Between Music and Finance

JKBX, or Jukebox, is Scott Cohen's latest venture, and it's all about creating a new asset class where music lovers can invest in the songs they cherish. This innovative platform allows anyone to buy shares in music revenue streams, making it as straightforward as purchasing stock in a tech giant.

Cohen explains, "The issuer company has essentially converted income streams of music into regulated securities."

These securities are then listed on the JKBX platform, opening up the world of music investment to the general public.

Adding Value, Not Disrupting Industries

Cohen's philosophy is rooted in creating value rather than disrupting existing industries. He emphasizes, "We're not disrupting them. What we're saying is, here's a new asset class of music that people can invest in." By working with large rights holders and ensuring that both the music and finance industries thrive, JKBX aims to add a new layer of opportunity without displacing anyone. This collaborative approach ensures that all stakeholders, from major record companies to DIY artists and financial institutions, benefit from this new investment avenue.

Core Values and Compassion in Business

At the heart of JKBX are seven core values that guide the company's operations: servant leadership, respect for people and the environment, integrity, team first, personal accountability, outcomes over inputs, and balance. Cohen's commitment to these values extends beyond business practices to his personal life, where he has been a vegan since 1998. "It's truly about compassion," he says, highlighting how this principle influences his approach to both life and business.

The Vision for the Future: Music as a Standard Investment

Looking ahead, Cohen envisions a future where investing in music is as common as investing in any other asset. He imagines a world where music is part of everyone's investment portfolio, providing financial returns while enhancing their quality of life.

"Imagine music in your portfolio that's paying for your retirement," he muses.

This forward-thinking approach could revolutionize the way people think about and engage with music, turning it into a viable and profitable investment.

Building a Great Life and a Great Living

For Cohen, success isn't just about making money; it's about creating a fulfilling life. He stresses the importance of work-life balance and compassionate business practices, aiming to build an environment where employees and stakeholders can thrive. "It's more important to make a good life," he asserts, challenging the notion that business success requires ruthless tactics.

Conclusion: A New Era of Music Investment

Scott Cohen's innovative vision for JKBX offers a compelling glimpse into the future of music and finance. By transforming music revenue streams into regulated securities, JKBX enables fans and investors alike to benefit from the success of the songs they love. As Cohen's journey demonstrates, breaking away from traditional business models and focusing on value creation and compassion can lead to groundbreaking success.

Are you ready to invest in the music you love? Explore the possibilities with JKBX and become part of a revolutionary movement that bridges the gap between music and finance.


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