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Can Your Business Thrive by Prioritizing People?

Guest: Antonio Wedral

Discover how prioritizing people fueled Novos' rise to a top UK SEO agency, blending business success with a transformative workplace culture.

In a recent enlightening podcast interview, Antonio Wedral, a millennial entrepreneur and co-founder of Novos, an e-commerce SEO agency based in London, shares his inspiring journey from the dreams instilled in him by his immigrant parents to the realization of his aspirations through the founding of a company that not only challenges the status quo in the SEO industry but also redefines the ethos of workplace culture. This narrative is not just a business success story but a testament to the power of prioritizing people both inside and outside the organization.

From Humble Beginnings to a Visionary Leader

Antonio's story begins with his parents, who fled the Yugoslav War to start anew in the UK. Witnessing his parents rebuild their lives from scratch, Antonio was imbued with a deep sense of resilience and a belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. This experience laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for a different kind of business—one that could be both financially successful and fundamentally people-centric. "I knew I wanted to set up a business, but I also knew from a young age I felt like business could be better," Antonio recalls, reflecting on his parents' struggle and his own aspirations.

Building Novos: A People-First Approach

With Novos, Antonio and his co-founder set out with two simple yet profound goals: to work with cool clients and make their agency the best place to work in the UK. This vision was rooted in their personal experiences of toxic workplace cultures and a shared belief that a business could achieve greater heights by focusing on the well-being and development of its people.

Antonio passionately shares, "if someone comes and works for us for one year only, and they move on to somewhere else, in ten years' time, I want them to look back to say, the company that I learned the most at wasn't Novos."

This approach has not only led to significant business success but has also earned Novos numerous accolades, including recognition as one of the best places to work for three consecutive years and as a top workplace for women in the UK.

The Impact of Prioritizing People

Antonio's people-first philosophy extends beyond internal culture to encompass client relationships and service delivery. He emphasizes the importance of being an extension of their clients' teams, maintaining clear communication, and paying attention to detail. This approach has enabled Novos to differentiate itself in a crowded market and build lasting, impactful relationships with its clients. "We're a multimillion-pound agency, so I know it works because I've seen us win business... But it was these small details that mattered," Antonio explains, underscoring the tangible benefits of their focus on people and service.

Lessons for Future Generations and Founders

Antonio also reflects on the broader implications of his journey for millennials and Gen Z, urging these generations to remember the value of hard work, persistence, and having a long-term vision. He candidly shares his own experiences with burnout and the importance of finding balance, offering sage advice to other young entrepreneurs about the necessity of self-care alongside ambition.

A Blueprint for Success

Antonio's journey with Novos is a powerful illustration of how businesses can thrive by putting people first. His story offers valuable lessons on the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture, building strong client relationships, and maintaining a focus on the well-being of both employees and founders. For businesses looking to navigate the complexities of the modern market, Antonio's insights provide a compelling blueprint for success that balances commercial achievement with personal fulfillment.

This narrative is not just for aspiring entrepreneurs but for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their professional and personal lives. By prioritizing people, businesses can not only achieve financial success but also foster a culture of loyalty, innovation, and growth.

"There is no business in the world that can fail if all the people that are there care about it."

Let this be a call to action for business leaders and founders to invest in their people, for in doing so, they invest in the future of their business and the well-being of society at large.


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