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How Can Entrepreneurs Balance Work and Family Life?

Guest: Jarrod Lopiccolo

Jarrod Lopiccolo smiling in a professional headshot, reflecting his role as CEO and entrepreneur discussed in the interview.

In this podcast episode, Jarrod Lopiccolo, CEO and co-founder of a pioneering digital agency, shared his journey and insights on maintaining balance between professional and personal life, a challenge many entrepreneurs face. With a compelling narrative that blends business acumen with personal anecdotes, Lopiccolo's story is a vibrant illustration of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Foundation of Success and Balance

Jarrod Lopiccolo's approach to entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in a philosophy of continuous improvement. "Let's be better every day," he proposes as not just a personal mantra but the driving force behind his company’s culture. This ethos challenges everyone to enhance their lives across all spheres, creating a powerful rallying cry for personal and professional growth.

From his early days as a would-be architect to his shift towards virtual architecture, Lopiccolo’s career has been marked by a keen ability to navigate the evolving digital landscape. He recounts the early challenges of establishing a business, including a poignant moment during a tree lighting ceremony where work commitments almost caused him to miss a family event. This incident was a turning point, reinforcing the importance of family.

"I’m choosing work over my family... what am I doing?" he recalls, emphasizing the dilemma many business leaders face.

Embracing Teamwork and Delegation

Lopiccolo’s narrative highlights the importance of delegation, a lesson learned hard through long work weeks and the stresses of early entrepreneurship.

"If the team's readiness is really high and the importance of task is low, well, then they can do it on their own and they don’t need my help," he explains.

This realization about trusting his team's capabilities was a pivotal moment in his career, shifting from a tradesperson to a business leader.

This shift also led to a broader strategic vision for his company, focusing on hiring individuals who might even surpass him in certain skills. “You need to hire smarter people than you," he notes, underlining the vulnerability and foresight required in such decisions.

Aligning Values with Business Practices

Perhaps the most telling aspect of Lopiccolo’s leadership is his commitment to aligning his company’s operations with its core values. A striking example he shares involves turning down a lucrative opportunity with a tobacco company due to a team member's personal loss related to smoking. This decision not only exemplified their values but also led to more aligned and fulfilling projects, such as working with a California anti-tobacco program.

"Our mission today is about valuable personalized experiences using our services of creative, digital, and performance," states Lopiccolo. This clarity in mission and vision has been crucial in guiding the company's decisions and growth, ensuring that each project and partnership reflects the company's ethical stance and business objectives.

The Broader Impact and Future Directions

Beyond business success, Lopiccolo and his company have committed to making a significant community impact through initiatives like 'Noble Deeds,' which donates services to nonprofits. This effort not only enhances the community but also enriches the team's sense of purpose and contribution.

Looking forward, Lopiccolo expresses enthusiasm for continuing to innovate within the digital and travel industries, emphasizing sustainable and responsible marketing strategies that respect and protect global destinations.

Key Takeaways

Jarrod Lopiccolo’s story is a compelling reminder of the importance of:

- Balancing professional aspirations with personal well-being and family time.

- Empowering and trusting teams to foster business growth and personal development.

- Ensuring business operations align with personal and corporate values for long-term success.

For entrepreneurs and business leaders, Lopiccolo’s journey offers a model for building a business that not only thrives economically but also contributes positively to societal well-being.

If you're an entrepreneur struggling with similar challenges, consider how you might realign your business practices to better reflect your personal values and improve your life's balance. Engage with your team, reassess your company's mission, and never underestimate the impact of putting family and community first.


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