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How can I reshape company culture and balance personal well-being?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Guest: Rebecca Macieira Kaufmann

Introduction: Meeting the 'Fit CEO'

A great leader wears many hats - entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist, and in this case, an award-winning author. Through her book 'Fit CEO' and her career spanning years of advisory roles to C-Suite executives, she has influenced a generation of leaders, imbibing the spirit of positive leadership in them.

A Four-Pillar Philosophy

To navigate the labyrinth of executive decisions, she introduced the 'Four-Pillar Philosophy' - a unique approach that balances customer centricity, employee engagement, shareholder return, and operational excellence.

As she vividly puts it,

"If you get those four things right, it's pretty easy to make a decision. I think where a lot of people get stressed on decisions is they might be optimizing two of those and hurting two of them. So, the four together is the winning prize."

Culture is the Cornerstone

One of the standout moments of our conversation was the emphasis on culture. She shared a heartening story about a turnaround she led. Contrary to the usual tactics focusing on cost-cutting, she addressed the cultural deficiencies.

After intensive sessions of listening to her employees and communicating the company’s vision, she came to a powerful realization.

“My big learning now, if I reflect on it, my turnarounds has been it starts and ends with culture.”

Beyond the Boardroom: Contributing to Society

Leadership isn't just confined to the four walls of an office. Over the past three decades, she has actively volunteered for various organizations, lending her expertise where it's most needed, like the Jewish Vocational Services.

She believes,

"There's so much we can each contribute to our different interests, and I think it's great as it helps with your self-love."

The Essence of a Positive Mindset

The discussion often circled back to the power of a positive or growth mindset. She mentioned how people always approached her, wondering how she juggled a corporate role, a family, community engagements, and more. It was these interactions that inspired her to pen 'Fit CEO'.

She recalls,

"The book is all about the ways of how I stay positive, how I think about my time, and the habits that I follow.” The book revolves around commitment, boundaries, intention, self-care, and the essence of having fun.

Practical Advice for Aspiring Leaders

For those looking to ascend the leadership ladder, she had a piece of simple yet profound advice:

“Time box it. If it's really important, time box it."

Setting clear boundaries and prioritizing is crucial.


The journey of leadership is a blend of challenges and learning. The insights from our conversation with the author of 'Fit CEO' reaffirm the power of positive leadership, the essence of a solid culture, and the need to strike a balance in all endeavours.

To aspiring leaders, the path is clear – prioritize, cultivate a positive mindset, and don't forget to take out time for yourself and society. Dive deeper, learn more, and be the change you wish to see.


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