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Award Winning Business Podcast

21st Century Entrepreneurship

Fueling Your Business Journey

21st Century Entrepreneurship Podcast provides inspiring, actionable advice from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in a dynamic 30-minute format.

Tune into Real-World Insights:
Authentic Journeys & Untold Secrets


Achieving success

Our show provides aspiring and current entrepreneurs the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, achieving success, as well as the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

True Stories

This is a great way to learn about entrepreneurship from successful entrepreneurs themselves. They discuss their own personal business journey - including their pitfalls and how they got out of them.

It's A Fun Process
To Learn

21st Century Entrepreneurship podcast is entertaining and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable. Martin is able to ask the right questions and get his guests to open up about their experiences, so you can gain valuable insights from the show and feel more confident in your entrepreneurial skills.

Practical Tips

Our esteemed guests share actionable insights for business growth, highlighting real-world strategies like business models and avenues for profitability. Additionally, they offer pearls of wisdom on personal development, emphasizing mindset, routines, and overall well-being to bolster your entrepreneurial journey.

Beyond Conversations with Martin: Reflecting, Learning, and Growing Together

Special Episodes From May 2024.

Reflecting on Entrepreneurial Narratives

Journey beyond the interviews as Martin revisits discussions from his engaging dialogues with world-renowned entrepreneurs. Each special episode re-explores key topics, unveiling further insights and drawing connections among various entrepreneurial stories. It's about going deeper into the realms of business, understanding the broader picture, and revealing the common threads that bind different entrepreneurial experiences.

Learning from Collective Wisdom

Growing through Personal Endeavors

Harness the collective wisdom accrued from hundereds of interviews, blended with Martin's two decades of personal and organizational development training. These episodes distill recurring insights and lessons learned from the interviews, coupled with Martin's reflections. It’s a confluence of practical understanding and theoretical knowledge, offering a more profound exploration of the entrepreneurial journey.

​Transition the insights into action with curated personal development exercises. Martin guides you through practical exercises tied to the discussed topics, enabling a deeper internalization and application of the learned insights. It’s about carrying the conversation forward, enabling a personal exploration, and fostering growth on your entrepreneurial path.

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Best Podcast Series In Business


Gold Winner

  • Ranking in the top 1% of 3.2 million podcasts globally (source: Listen Notes).

  • A PodcastDB score of 99/100, placing us in the elite top 0.1%.

  • Positioned in the top 1% worldwide in the Business category (source: Chartable).

  • 70% of our listeners are US-based. Still, we consistently achieve positions from within the top 200 to the top 5 on Apple Podcast charts in countries including Norway, Czech Republic, Argentina, Croatia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Germany.

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