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Can You Control Your Workers' Comp Costs?

Updated: Mar 25

Guest: Kevin Ring

Kevin Ring smiling, lead workers' compensation analyst, during a podcast interview.

In the entrepreneurial world, growth often brings complex challenges, notably in managing a growing team. Among these, workers' compensation insurance emerges as a critical, yet controllable, cost that can significantly impact a business's financial health. Kevin Ring, the lead workers' compensation analyst at the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in Asheville, North Carolina, shares valuable insights into navigating these waters effectively, turning what many see as a fixed expense into a manageable one.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge of Workers' Compensation

The journey from a solo entrepreneur to leading a team introduces a myriad of management responsibilities, including compliance issues and the necessity of purchasing workers' compensation insurance.

"One of the challenges that folks have when it comes to workers' compensation is that both insurance agents and employers have been taught for a long time that workers comp just kind of is what it is," Ring states.

This common misconception leads many to prioritize cost over quality, not realizing the potential for cost reduction through proactive management.

The Power of Knowledge and Process

Kevin Ring's approach to workers' compensation is rooted in a deep understanding of the system's intricacies and leveraging this knowledge to benefit businesses. "The insurance policy is mandated by the state, so it doesn't matter who you buy the insurance from, you're going to be getting the exact same coverage," he explains. However, by implementing the right strategies, businesses can significantly reduce their workers' compensation costs. This not only impacts their bottom line but also contributes to a healthier, more productive workforce.

A Personal Journey to Professional Expertise

Ring's background in IT and his analytical nature equipped him with the skills to navigate and elucidate the complex world of workers' compensation. His transition from IT to workers' compensation was seamless, driven by his innate ability to demystify complex topics. "Certainly, there are gray areas, as there are in anything, but there's a tremendous amount of black and white," Ring shares about his shift towards workers' compensation, highlighting the clarity he brings to a field often perceived as convoluted.

Strategies for Managing Workers' Compensation Costs

The key to managing workers' compensation costs lies in understanding its components, such as payroll classifications, employee remuneration, and the experience modification factor. Ring emphasizes the importance of accuracy in these areas, as they directly influence the insurance premium. Additionally, he points out that certain types of remuneration, like tips, are not subject to workers' compensation, offering potential savings for businesses aware of these nuances.

Embracing Control and Clarity

For entrepreneurs accustomed to steering their businesses towards success, the opaque nature of workers' compensation can be frustrating. Ring's work at the Institute of WorkComp Professionals focuses on empowering business owners and insurance agents with the knowledge and tools to take control of their workers' compensation costs.

Part of the reason they became an entrepreneur is that they wanted to be in control," Ring says, underscoring the desire for mastery over all aspects of business, including workers' compensation.

Taking Charge of Your Workers' Compensation Costs

Kevin Ring's insights offer a roadmap for entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of workers' compensation insurance. By understanding the system, implementing strategic processes, and leveraging expert resources like the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, businesses can gain control over their workers' compensation costs. This proactive approach not only reduces expenses but also fosters a safer, more productive work environment.

Taking control of your workers' compensation costs is not just about saving money—it's about creating a healthier business environment where employees thrive. As Ring wisely points out, "you're not always going to get perfect results," but with the right knowledge and processes, you can significantly improve your outcomes."


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