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How to Succeed in Alternative Investments? Insights from Alts Co.

Guest: Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof, CEO of Alts Co., smiling during the podcast interview

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while many were navigating the uncertainties of lockdowns, Stefan, the CEO of Alts Co., saw an opportunity in the quiet of Melbourne, Australia. What started as a newsletter on Substack blossomed into an influential community, investment fund, and a hub for those interested in alternative investments. Stefan's journey, alongside his co-founder Wyatt, encapsulates the essence of innovation, resilience, and strategic collaboration in the face of adversity. This article dives into their story, offering valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and investors alike in the realm of alternative investments.

The Genesis of Alts Co.

The inception of Alts Co. is a testament to turning constraints into opportunities. "Not a whole lot to do here...during COVID for about four straight months. So I decided to start doing what I do best, which is writing," Stefan recounts. Focused initially on micro private equity and digital assets under half a million dollars, the newsletter tapped into Stefan's expertise from his days at, a marketplace for buying and selling websites.

The twist in the tale came when Stefan encountered Wyatt, an American residing in Spain, who ran a similar newsletter with a focus on collectibles and sports memorabilia. Despite the potential for competition, their mutual admiration and complementary skill sets led to a formidable partnership.

"We just decided to join forces...and we combined the two newsletters into one," Stefan shared, highlighting the power of collaboration over competition.

Navigating Remote Collaboration

Stefan and Wyatt's partnership thrives on daily communication and a clear division of labor, despite the geographical distance. This remote-first approach, while challenging, fosters efficiency and focus. "We chat every single day...It's less about the tools...It's about setting real clear expectations and division of labor," Stefan explains. Their strategy emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology to maintain constant communication and streamline operations in a remote work environment.

Growth and Diversification

From its newsletter origins, Alts Co. has expanded into a multifaceted entity with a quarter million subscribers across its newsletters and an investment fund that delves into eclectic and esoteric assets. "The newest thing that we're doing is we're putting on investor field trips, expeditions," Stefan notes, showcasing the company's innovative approach to engagement and learning.

The Alts One fund, a significant initiative post-venture funding, invests in unique assets like rare vinyl records, barrels of tequila, and modern British artwork. This diversification strategy not only differentiates Alts Co. from conventional investment funds but also leverages their expertise in identifying undervalued markets.

Building an Unconventional Culture

Alts Co.'s culture is rooted in non-conformity and innovation. Stefan and Wyatt's approach to growth through acquiring other newsletter communities underscores their strategy to expand their influence and reach. "We've bought six or seven...other newsletters," Stefan says, illustrating their proactive stance in consolidating their presence in the alternative investment space.

This unconventional mindset extends to their problem-solving and operational strategies, highlighting the significance of adaptability and creative thinking in today's fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Stefan and Wyatt's journey with Alts Co. underscores several key lessons for entrepreneurs and investors:

1. Embrace Collaboration: Finding a partner with complementary skills and a shared vision can be a game-changer.

2. Leverage Technology for Remote Work: Effective communication and clear division of labor are crucial for managing a remote-first company.

3. Diversify Strategically: Exploring unconventional assets and avenues for growth can set your venture apart from the competition.

4. Cultivate an Innovative Culture: An unconventional approach to business can foster creativity, agility, and resilience.

For those intrigued by the world of alternative investments or looking to venture into entrepreneurial partnerships, Alts Co.'s story is a compelling blueprint for success. Engaging in communities, staying open to collaboration, and remaining adaptable are pivotal strategies in today's business landscape.

We invite readers to explore Alts Co.'s offerings and consider the possibilities that alternative investments may hold for their financial strategies. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just beginning to explore the realm of investments beyond the stock market, there's a world of opportunity awaiting in the unconventional and the innovative.


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